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123.hp.com are platforms where users can get proper directions to install their HP Printer drivers. They are one of the leading technical assistance providers in printers.

Furthermore, they provide a guidebook to help you install accessories, including paper handling and EIO devices. 123.hp.com/setup have certified tech experts who will guide you throughout the whole process of your setup of HP Printer drivers. 

The 123.hp.com provide you with the best customer service, assisting you to access the best features of your HP Printer Drivers.

123.hp.com/setup Driver Download

The manual installation of 123.hp.com is an easy task. However, if the user faces any issue, they have experts who will guide you to perform your 123.hp.com/setup. Also, it comes with various features such as-

Certified Experts

If you face issues regarding your 123.hp.com/setup or HP Printer drivers, then the tech consultants are here at your doorstep with just a call away.

Swift Assistance

Furthermore, the technical team provides you with the best service with the utmost speed and efficiency. Hence, giving you the fastest solutions to your problems.


The best feature of 123.HP.COM is that it saves time. The experts provide you with efficient guidance, saving money and time.

How to download and install HP Printer Drivers?

To discover and attain excellent features of HP Printers drivers, you have to download a 123 hp printer driver. Hence, read the instructions for the same-

➔ At first, you have to turn on your HP printer driver and the devices. Note that it is compatible with MAC or Windows devices. Then, go to 123.hp.com/setup through your Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla browser.

➔ You must know your printer model number written on the HP Printer control panel. Hence, type your hp printer model number there. 

➔ Then, according to the operating system of your choice, click on the Basic software or full-featured printer driver. Furthermore, tap on the ‘Download icon,’ locating the printer software file from your ‘Downloads,’ that will proceed with the downloading process.

➔ Finally, you have to run the software file on your computer to avail the best printing service. Hence, continue with the HP Printer driver installation for Windows or Mac using on-screen instructions.

How to download and install HP Printer Drivers

How To Initiate 123.hp.com USB Setup?

You can manually set the 123.hp.com through USB. Furthermore, it enables you to have security features. Therefore, check these intrinsic design quality Hp printer drivers. Hence, follow these steps to connect your devices to the network. Also, refer to 123.hp.com/setup for more explanation.

For Windows Devices:

➔ Turn on your printer. Furthermore, the provided USB cable connects the printer with your computer.

➔ Then, click on the ‘Devices’ and ‘Printers’ options from the ‘devices’ option under the Windows menu for hp printer setup for windows. Also, remove the existing printer from the connected devices.

➔ Finally, install the HP Printer driver and select the full-featured HP Printer driver. Furthermore, the full-featured driver is available at 123.hp.com.

For Mac Devices:

➔ The initial step for installing Mac devices is the same as WINDOWS. Hence, please turn on your PCs and connect them with the USB. 

➔ Then, proceed with the hp printer driver setup installation.

➔ Furthermore, note that it supports HP Easy Start Setup Software or Apple Software Update for driver download.

➔ You have to locate the ‘download’ option under the Driver-Product Installation Software for hp printer installation for Mac.

➔ Also, now go to the HP Easy Start file and select the connection type as USB while installing the software.

➔ Finally, add your hp printer driver to the existing network. Moreover, you can find further steps at   123.hp.com/setup.