How to Setup 123.HP.COM/LASERJET 2420 Printer

Getting trivial prints and running to the nearby cyber cafe to get photocopies can sometimes be bothersome. Therefore, people must get an HP LaserJet 2420 Printer to have quick and easy prints. Furthermore, for those who love printing, the HP LaserJet 2420 printer is a one-stop shop because it produces high-definition prints and scans documents. Moreover, it supports faxing and can be connected to smartphones for wireless print communication. Additionally, the 123.HP.COM/LASERJET 2420 printer offers every feature a contemporary printer can provide. Henceforth, having this printer at your home and workspace would be an investment. 

123.HP.COM/LASERJET 2420 printer works well for both home and office use; obtain your pie-chart printers; kids require high-quality pictures for their projects at home; you can use an HP laserjet printer to print stunning HD pictures and images to beautify your home.

You must first configure the HP LaserJet 2420 printer before issuing printing commands. Since there are a few steps involved in setting up the 123.HP.COM/LASERJET 2420 printer, let’s unpack the printer first and place it on a clean table in a well-ventilated area. Also, follow this setup procedure from scratch carefully.  

Installing and Downloading 123.Hp.Com/LaserJet 2420 Drivers

Obtaining HP printer drivers is crucial since they enable your computer to direct the printer to produce the necessary prints. In essence, HP printer drivers are a piece of system software that allows your computer and printer to connect. It transforms instructions given by your operating system or application software into a form or language that your printer can understand, enabling it to react to those instructions as intended. Therefore, follow precisely how to download and install the HP LaserJet 2420 printer driver right here.

  • First, access any smart device like a computer or laptop and open a web browser.
  • After that, in the browser’s address bar, type 123.hp.com/setup and press enter. 
  • Locate the printer driver there on the page using your printer’s model number and name.
  • Now, to download the printer drivers to your computer, click Download.
  • Once the procedure is finished, open the downloads folder and look for the most recent item to download.
  • After that, run the file by double-clicking on it. Click to launch the installation process after that.
  • After carefully reading all of the terms and conditions, click “I Agree” when requested.
  • Lastly, complete the HP laserjet 2420 printer setup by following the on-screen instructions at this point.

You must restart your computer after the printer driver installation process is finished. Now, connect your printer to the computer by USB or wirelessly.

Pair Your Computer And Printer Device

Once you have unpacked and set up the printer device and installed the printer driver, you pair it with your computer device to access the device’s full potential. Before establishing the connection, you must choose whether you want to connect your printer to your computer wirelessly or with a USB cable. After that, open the Printer Control Panel and launch Setup Wizard to connect the computer with a USB cable if you wish to pair the connection with a USB cord. Now connect the computer to one USB port and the printer to the other port on the USB wire. Then, select the HP LaserJet 2420 printer from the list in the ‘Add printer’ window.

You must first connect your printer and computer to the same network in order to add a printer wirelessly. After that, navigate to the printer’s control panel and choose the Setup Wizard’s Wireless option. Your printer should now appear in the list when you select the “Add printer” option on your PC. To finish the configuration, pick the HP Laserjet 2420 printer.


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