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Getting a new HP printer is easy, but the setup and installation aren’t that much of a child’s play. Furthermore, you can’t just connect a new printer to your computer and expect it to start printing right away. To begin, you must first install software and HP Printer Drivers that will allow your computer to communicate with the printer. Again, this is a hassle to many as they do not evolve with extensive tech knowledge. Thus, many individuals are hesitant to get a new printer. 

Fear not, because this guide on HP Printer Drivers will assist you all the way. Thus, if you’re attempting to set up a new printer or getting your old one back to life, the following simple and precise instructions will help you with your device setup. Furthermore, consumers will be able to download HP printer drivers on their system in a breeze. Then, using those HP printer drivers, you can bridge your system with your printer device.

HP Printer Drivers

About HP Printer Drivers

Many of the drivers to connect your printer to your computer can be found on the HP website’s support area. Furthermore, you can navigate to 123.hp.com for any further assistance with drivers. HP Printer Drivers are essentially a piece of system software that enables your computer to communicate with your printer. It converts commands provided from your operating system or application software into a form/language that your printer can comprehend, allowing it to respond appropriately to those commands.

There are numerous types of software and printer models, each with its own data encoding method. Furthermore, the printer driver acts as a translator between the software and the printer, allowing practically any software and printer to communicate. Thus, it would be almost impossible for your printer to perform any function or command if not paired with the correct driver. Hence, follow the below directions to download the printer drivers.

Downloading HP Drivers

➔ First, navigate to the HP Printer Setup site, which is 123.hp.com/setup

➔ There, you would see the “Setup Your HP Printer” window. On the same page, you would see a search box instructing you to enter your printer device model number to look for its driver.       

➔ Use that search box and fill in your printer device model number, and tap on the “Next” button to proceed further. 

➔ Then it will direct you to the window showing your asked search results that is the HP printer driver for your printer model. 

➔ After that, you tap on the “Download Driver” button to get the correct driver for your printer device pairing.

➔ Apart from that, you can scroll down to the bottom of the first page of the 123.hp.com/setup.

➔ You will find a “Support” section there, under which there is an option of “Download Drivers.” Hence, you can find whatever printer model driver you are looking for.

HP Printer Drivers Installation

➔ Open the folder where the HP printer drivers files are downloaded and saved. To begin the installation procedure, double-click on the driver file.

➔ If your operating system requests your consent, click “OK” to proceed with the installation. Then, accept the default installation location and begin the installation wizard by clicking “Next.”

➔ Select either the suggested or custom installation method. The recommended version includes all of the components that the average user will require. A bespoke installation allows you to pick and choose the features you desire. When the installation is complete, click “Finish.”