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In this writing, we’ll go through the HP Printer Setup instruction with factors that emerge while performing the printer device setup. It is now evident that the installation and setup of all the printers are pretty similar, either wired or wireless. However, a few distinctive steps set one apart from the other. You can use the installation DVD to set up your HP printer, plus you can use the HP printer software and drivers for the printer installation. In addition, you can perform the setup wireless with your home network and can use the USB approach for the latter.    

There are several simple options you can attempt if you have recently got a new HP printer to your home or if your existing printer is not working properly or at all. Below are various how-to alternatives. HP printers are reliable and compatible with almost all major operating systems.

HP Printer Setup

123.hp.com/setup Driver Download

You can use the following directions to set up an HP printer wirelessly without the use of a CD:

➔ The first step is to see if the printer establishes a network with your WiFi connection. If not, then you can connect your HP printer to WiFi by following the steps below.

➔ Next, locate the power button and turn it on, following the user manual.

➔ Connect the printer to the router once it has been turned on.

➔ Note: You must ensure that your printer is paired with your network for a successful wireless Hp printer setup.       

➔ Next, go to HP’s official website or 123.hp.com/setup and start the HP Printer Drivers installation process. Make careful you input the printer’s exact model number while looking for its printer driver. 

➔ Now you can start the driver download and move on to the next stage.

➔ After that, go to HP’s website and download the HP smart app, which will help you with the setup.

➔ Until the configuration is complete, click the ‘next’ option in the setup box. The “ready to use” option will appear on the display screen once the setup is complete.

➔ You are now ready to begin printing with your HP printer.

Wireless HP Printer Setup using a CD

Wireless HP Printer setup is a straightforward process that requires only that you place the CD into the drive and follow the onscreen instructions. The following are the instructions for wireless HP Printer setup with CD:

➔ First, connect the HP printer to a wireless network and make sure the system and router are in good working order.

➔ Next, insert the installation DVD into the system, then wait for it to run.

➔ Open the CD and start following the onscreen prompts for the procedure by choosing the ‘next’ option once all networks have been set up. Continue doing so until you reach the choice to ‘complete.’

➔ Now when you get to the last step, select the ‘install’ option.

➔ This process will successfully connect the printer with the operating system. 

➔ After that, load papers in the paper tray and add ink cartridges. Then go to the ‘file’ menu and select the files that you want to print.

➔ Select the layout and pattern you desire to retrieve. Also, make font changes if required.

➔ Go to the final printing process to complete your first print job.